I come from St. Maarten for evaluation of a lump in my breast.  My first doctor was so expensive  I  looked for another  opinion.  Dr. Suarez was referred to me and I had an appointment with him within two days. I was very nervous but Dr. Suarez spent a long time talking to me and my mother about what I could do.  I chose to have the surgery and his nurse set it up for two days later. After he left the room, she asked us if he had answered all our questions.  Together, they spent more than an hour with us. I was so nervous but I hardly had any pain. I saw Dr. Suarez two times before I went home. I’m telling everyone how wonderful he is!  T.S., St. Maarten

I had a ugly scar from my c-section that hurt all the time. Dr. Suarez said that I probably had a nerve caught in the scar but he could fix it. The pain is gone and the scar looks so much better. Thank you. Thank you. Maria P., Miami

He’s the best! Mike R., Homestead, FL