Peels are a great way to brighten the look of dull, splotchy skin. Over time, dark spots can show up on your face, chest, arms and hands just from the day to day living here in south Florida. We offer two mild peels designed to be done in a series, each two to four weeks apart. The results are improved overall skin texture, reduced visibility of fine lines, and improved discoloration due to sun damage.

Interesting FAQ’s

What kind of peel do you use?

We use a mild salicylic acid for those with lactose sensitivity or a lactic acid for those with aspirin sensitivity. 

How does it work?

Both safely exfoliate only the epidermis layer and give excellent results in just a few treatments, usually three to six depending on your tolerance and the amount of repair needed.

There is mild to moderate transient stinging when the treatment begins but that last for only a few minutes and is very tolerable. The treatments are usually spaced 3 weeks apart but that is also determined by your practitioner. 

I have spots on my chest, too. What about those?

Our treatment session includes the face, neck, chest, and back of the hands. 

Why do I need more than one treatment?

We have specifically chosen these mild peels that are designed to be done in series rather than one deep peel. Some patients may not see visible results until after the second or even third treatment. You can decide with your practitioner how many treatments are right for you. 

What is the advantage?

The procedure takes about 10 minutes with very little down time, it exfoliates and minimizes pores which is ideal for oily skin, improves skin texture, reduces fine lines, and it is safe for all skin types. 

What should I expect after my peel?

Your skin will feel tighter over the next day or two. It is important to moisturize often. Peeling/flaking should begin by day 3 and continue another 4-5 days. Peeling varies from patient to patient and will not be uniform across the face.  Even if peeling is not visible, you will still have clinical results.

Most patients report:

  • Improved tone and texture and ‘brighter’ appearance
  • Improved appearance of pores
  • Reduced appearance of fine lines


In addition to moisturizing, you must faithfully use a sun screen (SPF 30) daily during and for at least two weeks after your final treatment.

Call today and see if this is right for you !