Due to popular demand from our patients, our practice is primarily, but not limited to:

    • Skin, benign and malignant lesions – diagnosis, surgery, follow-up, clearance evaluation

Our Fees are determined by size, location, and complexity. You can request a consultation only or excision of most lesions can be handled at the time of your initial visit if you choose.

    • Chemical Peels – salicylic acid
    • Spider Vein Ablation – specializing in facial veins and cherry angiomas
    • Hernia – inguinal, umbilical, incisional
    • Scar Revision – nerve entrapment or improve a cosmetic result
    • Tummy Tuck – excision of fat apron

These procedures require an initial evaluation in our office. Typically, we can provide an all-inclusive estimate of your costs at that time.

Procedures quoted are representative of our practice but not all-inclusive.
Please discuss your needs with Dr Suarez.